Coir Pith Blocks & Bricks

Excellent Air Porosity: Coir maintains excellent air porosity even when saturated and gives better crops with faster developing..

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Coir Fiber

he brown fiber is the outcome of seasonal fully matured coconuts. Each of them has their own distinct types of application..

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Fresh Coconut offered is made available by us under Vishwajith Coir Bricks which comprises fresh collection of coconuts

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Soiless Cultivation works here!

Weeding takes up a big chunk of expenses in conventional agriculture. Coco-peat is weed-free. And it is low maintenance.

Vishwajith Coir Bricks

We manufacture and export 100% natural and organic coir or coco products for Horticulture, Floriculture and Substrates also for Plant / Animal Beeding, upholstery, Furniture, Industrial Absorbents and Scrubbers.